Each gift is made to order

Having originally trained as a graphic designer and typographer and worked in the fast paced marketing and advertising world, it was time to slow down [a little!].

Rather than sit in client meetings at all hours, a decision was made to apply the design knowledge to products - and what better way than to put a smile on someone's face.

Each design is created in-house on the computer and converted into an engraving image. We do the design - we have the copyright!

So, we engrave 'happy products' to personally celebrate a birthday, christening, engagement, anniversary, wedding or otherwise...

All gifts are engraved individually to order using the latest impact engraving technology currently.

Once you send your order with the personalisation, then we will engrave your details onto the product of your choice and ship out with a reputable delivery company.

We look forward to working with you - and sharing the love...

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